It seems a long time since Christmas, but it’s still a great memory for the children at FONDAPS as they enjoyed such a wonderful party on the 21st December.

500 children came along to SODIPAL soccer field and had fun with bouncy castles while the DJ played some tunes.  There was an array of treats for them to enjoy including Hot dogs, slush, cotton candy, pop corn, soft drinks and cake. We also held awards for the players of the club and had a couple of dances from groups of girls that came.

At the end we had a distribution of gifts and the kids were all delighted. We’d like to say a big thank you for these gifts to Stella Babourne, the owner of  Haitian company Maison Handal . We’d also like to thank Rebecca Filsaime who helped make the party happen.

Patrice Millet, founder of FONDAPS said “The children had a great time and they dressed up for the occasion. They ate, sang, danced and partied. I was touched by how much love the children gave back to us and how much they appreciate the work that we do at FONDAPS”. 


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