It’s been great to be working with Barbancourt again. This generous company have just managed to make a large field available to us again, after three years of it being needed as a camp to house victims from the 2010 earthquake. Since getting the space back a few months ago we already have 60 children enrolled aged between 9 to 11!

Barbancourt are one of Haiti’s oldest companies, producing a rum from sugar cane that has become the country’s most famous export. Patrice started working in the Barbancourt centre in 2007 with 125 children aged from 9 to 16. They played soccer and benefited from the education though soccer programme, as well as receiving food parcels.

When the earthquake struck in 2010, two Barbancourt workers died, about 86 lost their houses, many aging barrels were destroyed and rum production was halted for some time. Not only this but the whole space they had donated for FONDAPS to use became a camp for people who had lost their homes throughout the city.

We are so grateful to be able to use the centre again, but there is still a lot to be done. We are looking for funds to restore it, but we already have 60 children using it!

The Barbanourt centre is dear to us because the field is a good size and allows us to host games with children from all round Port au Prince. The boys from FONDAPS can all come and enjoy the field on week-ends, there is access to water for both drinking and showering, and they can hang out there all day with their friends, keeping out of trouble.

Patrice says “Where they live there is no play area like this so it’s very important to us. We are also trying to open another centre for  50 children in a place call Juvena”.

Please find out more about the project, and consider donating to the restoration of the centre.


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