This summer, the FONDAPS organized a soccer tournament sponsored by two local enterprises Epower and SunAuto. Twenty two teams with members aged from 10 to 17 years old participated in this event. It was a true success!

The kids really enjoyed themselves and we took this opportunity to educate them on politeness and behaviour. We hope to renew this type of activity during the school  year with a bigger number of participants.

We are now facing a big challenge with the school year starting. We are desperately looking for funds to pay school tuition fees . We are hoping for help from those who have helped us in the past and are praying for new donors.

Please consider donating if you are able. We would really appreciate it. 

We are delighted to announce that we have used our new soccer field for the first time. This field had been destroyed during the earthquake and became a camp for some time.

It’s a great field, which not only has a gym here that we can use, but space where we can develop some new opportunities for girls to play volley and basket ball.

We are looking for funding to restore it further, and also to cover the extra transportation costs, thank you to those who have donated so far. 

Please find out more about what our project provides, and consider donating to the work. 

It seems a long time since Christmas, but it’s still a great memory for the children at FONDAPS as they enjoyed such a wonderful party on the 21st December.

500 children came along to SODIPAL soccer field and had fun with bouncy castles while the DJ played some tunes.  There was an array of treats for them to enjoy including Hot dogs, slush, cotton candy, pop corn, soft drinks and cake. We also held awards for the players of the club and had a couple of dances from groups of girls that came.

At the end we had a distribution of gifts and the kids were all delighted. We’d like to say a big thank you for these gifts to Stella Babourne, the owner of  Haitian company Maison Handal . We’d also like to thank Rebecca Filsaime who helped make the party happen.

Patrice Millet, founder of FONDAPS said “The children had a great time and they dressed up for the occasion. They ate, sang, danced and partied. I was touched by how much love the children gave back to us and how much they appreciate the work that we do at FONDAPS”. 

It’s been great to be working with Barbancourt again. This generous company have just managed to make a large field available to us again, after three years of it being needed as a camp to house victims from the 2010 earthquake. Since getting the space back a few months ago we already have 60 children enrolled aged between 9 to 11!

Barbancourt are one of Haiti’s oldest companies, producing a rum from sugar cane that has become the country’s most famous export. Patrice started working in the Barbancourt centre in 2007 with 125 children aged from 9 to 16. They played soccer and benefited from the education though soccer programme, as well as receiving food parcels.

When the earthquake struck in 2010, two Barbancourt workers died, about 86 lost their houses, many aging barrels were destroyed and rum production was halted for some time. Not only this but the whole space they had donated for FONDAPS to use became a camp for people who had lost their homes throughout the city.

We are so grateful to be able to use the centre again, but there is still a lot to be done. We are looking for funds to restore it, but we already have 60 children using it!

The Barbanourt centre is dear to us because the field is a good size and allows us to host games with children from all round Port au Prince. The boys from FONDAPS can all come and enjoy the field on week-ends, there is access to water for both drinking and showering, and they can hang out there all day with their friends, keeping out of trouble.

Patrice says “Where they live there is no play area like this so it’s very important to us. We are also trying to open another centre for  50 children in a place call Juvena”.

Please find out more about the project, and consider donating to the restoration of the centre.

Ryan Fitzgibbons comes to FONDAPS following a professional soccer career both in the United States and Mexico.  

His professional career began after his sophomore season at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. He was the goalkeeper for the Carolina Dynamo of the USL and for the Philadelphia KIXX of the MISL. The high point of Ryan’'s career was with Atlas, of the FAF, in Guadalajara, Mexico where he was the goalkeeper for two seasons. 

Since his retirement, Ryan has committed himself to youth player development through various avenues. He holds free soccer clinics in different parts of the country and individually trains players ranging from youth to the collegiate level. Ryan also takes an active role in helping coaches develop as role models, leaders and knowledgeable assets to their community by holding coaching clinics as well as training with the coaches' respective middle school, high school and club level teams. 

Ryan has a passion for working with youth and participates in various charities. His recent passion is being involved and partnering with Patrice to generate financial and public support for FONDAPS in the United States through fundraisers and clothing drives. With Ryan's background in soccer, he is inspired by the young children of FONDAPS passion for both life and the game.

The boys boarding the new bus on the way to a match.
As 2011 drew to a close there was plenty of good news for us.

Not only was Patrice nominated as a top ten CNN hero but  funds have now been raised for a bus, which has been desperately needed for years on the project. Not only does it help get the children to training and matches, but it enables Patrice to take them out on trips further out from the slums, to places they’ve never been able to see before. 

“The kids had never been to these places yet so they were very excited and very, very happy to discover new landscapes,” says Patrice. “They are so happy and really enjoy the trips”. 

We still need your support. Running costs for the bus are expensive and each day trip means that food needs to be provided for the children.  Please donate to the project.